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Who I Am


    I have been athletic all my life however, in 2016 my health was on the decline. I was overweight, depressed and my diet was terrible. I began working with a coach training online with fitness and diet plans. And worked with a life coach and energy healer clearing out emotional baggage and created new habits and new ways of being to manifest my dreams and goals. After 4 months I decided to train for a bikini bodybuilding competition and in 9 months, won 1st place in the over 50 class at 50 years old! Working on my body, emotions and spirit, I transformed my life! My health was better, my depression was gone, my relationships transformed and today I am living my dream life!

    As a result, I became inspired to help others to transform their lives as well through fitness, diet and life coaching. I became a certified personal trainer/nutrition coach/life coach. I also have a Bachelors degree in dance and am a certified Bikram Yoga instructor.

    My Process

    What makes my services unique is that not only do you receive customized fitness and diet plans, you also receive coaching support to help you to clear out what habits of thinking and being that don’t serve you. And to create new habits that will help you transform all areas your life. When you change your diet and exercise, your life automatically follows! I start you out by Q&A on your current diet and exercise, we take measurements, and you take weekly photos (front, side, back) of your body in the same place so we can discuss progress and make adjustments to your plan. Each plan is customized for your body type and diet preferences (vegan, meat, etc.)

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