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Who I Am

My name is Debrah Crawford and I am a tarot card reader, certified Raja Energy healer, lifestyle
expert, writer and whole food recipe creator focused on serving others to transform and
manifest their dream life! I am a guide to all looking to build self-love, transform their
body/health to create a more powerful, productive, fulfilling, loving happy life!

I first transformed my own life, health and well being before going on to educate myself in all
areas of natural well being. From first spiritual practices (meditation, yoga), Raja energy healing
modalities, tarot cards, life coaching to optimal health, I have devoted my life to learning and
teaching this empowered way of living to others who are receptive. I truly believe that we are
not our current negative circumstances or past experiences. The methods I learned, created
and used to transform my own life are something I want to share with anyone looking for
guidance. From weight loss to healing emotional traumas, breaking patterns, achieving career
success, learning to love ourselves and being open to others loving us, the possibilities for
healing are infinite!

The greatest teachers are those who do so from experience. My passion burns from my
success in transforming my own life. My health, relationships, business success, personal
accomplishments and capacity for joy, peace, love were realized by radical self-transformation!

My Philisophy

First of all, my main mission is to serve others with TRUTH that is not what you always find in mainstream society! All of my life I have been a seeker of truth spiritually, emotionally and physically. I have sought out teachers, coaches and healers to help me let go of old patterns that don’t serve me and to manifest my goals and dreams in all aspects of my life. On my journey, I have manifested 2 successful businesses, pursued an acting career, I live a clean healthy lifestyle, (Plant-based diet and Fitness Competitor), and have found deep fulfillment and happiness through spiritual modalities (Meditation, Yoga, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Retreats).

As I continued to keep manifesting my dreams and transforming my life, I decided I wanted to share my knowledge and skills with others to help them on their journey. I couldn’t keep this amazing knowledge all for myself! That is when I created this website and began doing tarot readings and healthy living coaching to help people live the life they really want and deserve to live! Livintuit!!!

My Process

In the initial consultation, we will explore what aspects or aspect of your life you want to work on such as health issues, diet and fitness, career, finance, relationships and overall well being. If it is emotional wellness you are seeking, we address difficulties and patterns and I coach you on creating new patterns and letting go of old ones to create a happier more well-balanced way of being! No matter what spiritual path you do or do not follow, I help you connect to the higher, deeper part of yourself which naturally spills over to your physical and emotional well being!

I put together a game plan that is affordable and integrative into your daily life by setting up appointed coaching calls in a time frame that will accomplish your goals. On each coaching call of your plan, I do a tarot card reading first as a guidepost to intuit where you are at in the timeline of your coaching journey. I keep you accountable by giving you specific homework to do on your guided timeline. I also share many resources such as books, online free inspirational videos, documentaries, health and spiritual retreats, etc that will aid in your journey.

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