February 23, 2016 debbiec21

Tarot Card Readings Tampa

tarot card readings tampaThis week I would like to talk about choices we make now that affect our future.  As I mentioned before, the feeling or belief that we are separate entities of the Universe with a sense of lack, creates suffering.  When I do Tarot readings for my clients, many are looking for a way out of suffering or difficulties.  As always, I tune in with the Universal consciousness to intuitively see what is happening in the present, and what the future possibilities are.  I am not a medium and I don’t indulge in communicating with spirits.  I go to the source of all spirits, the Universe.  I help my clients with tools and techniques to either build on what is working in their lives and help change the things that are not.  It’s practical and fun!  Many times I see predictable futures simply because there are patterns that have been set in motion.  Unless they are broken, or changed, the same results will repeat over and over again.  I have seen many clients make major changes in their lives from the Tarot card readings!  Changes such as attracting a better relationship in their lives.  Or manifesting one when there were seemingly no prospects.  I really emphasize getting rid of the sense of “lack” which can rule our lives such as, not being happy unless we have a relationship, more money, better house, etc.  There are techniques I have simply passed on that have worked in my life and my client’s as well.  I have studied with Martin Feisst of RAJA Yoga in California and continue studying with Francis Lucille of Advaita.  When we dissolve these feelings of lack, we begin to harmonize our life and live a full and happy life!  I look forward to working with you!  Call (727) 859-7353 for an appointment!

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