February 1, 2016 debbiec21

Tarot Card Readings Tampa Bay

tarot card readingsHave you experienced patterns in your life that have repeated themselves over and over again, and your unhappy with the outcomes?  Do you feel stuck and seem to not be able to find a way out?  Have you tried various self help methods that just haven’t worked?  I have experienced the same issues!  Through many years, I have discovered ways to break free from these repetitive patterns to find true happiness.  And the tarot cards are just one way of helping others to break free and to also find happiness!

I use my Tarot Card Readings as a tool to help me intuit what is happening in each of my client’s present situations.  It is a guide post to see into the past, present and possible future outcomes.  My approach is to see each person as completely whole and healed, not broken.  I listen and welcome with my heart what is presented and I give spiritual guidance from an authentic universal place.  Our true self doesn’t need to be healed.  All of us have acquired limiting beliefs and blocks that prevent us from living a “happy” life.  I am just passing on the education and experiences I have had that has transformed my life in order to help others.  I enjoy helping others to break free of limiting beliefs, habits and patterns that keep them bound to repetitive ways of life.  It is my passion to continuously be inspired and to put into practice ways that help others get closer to the infinite universe which I call “happiness!”  I have been blessed to have studied with very wise teachers in the spiritual world for the last 20 years and I am grateful everyday that I have the privilege to serve others with my knowledge!  I look forward to working with you!  Please visit www.livinituit.com to book your appointment or call (727) 859-7353

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