February 6, 2016 debbiec21

Tarot Card Readings Pinellas County

I want to discuss happiness in this blog!  I have mentioned before that our true self doesn’t need to be “healed”.  We are already perfect in our connection with the Universe.  We are connected to everyone and everything that is perceived and we are not “separate” though the world seems to make us believe that we are.  We have a body and mind, and we are only the manager.  Our soul or spirit is the silent witness that is non-duality and is impersonal watching the movies of our lives.  Does this make sense?  That silent witness is peace, love, joy, beauty and true happiness.  We are born with a clean slate and over time, through good and bad experiences, we develop beliefs that are not always true.  For example, if you have had a dysfunctional family and didn’t receive a lot of love and affection, you may have developed a belief that you are not loved or lovable.  That is a very powerful belief that can be carried through your adult life and prevent you from experiencing true happiness.  I know because I have had this type of childhood.  Over the many years of my spiritual searching and transformation, I finally realized that though this was my karma I came into in this life, I didn’t have to buy into the belief that I am unlovable.  Yes, this seems easier said than done but there are ways out of living a life of suffering.  That is why I started doing Tarot Card Readings and implementing not only the cards, but also solid techniques that I coach to my clients that have worked in my life and theirs.  The key to getting out of any pattern that creates unhappiness is to get rid of the belief that we are “separate”.  Any belief whether it be positive or negative, can be traced back to feeling separate.  Once you can eliminate this belief, true freedom and happiness is replaced!  My Tarot Card Readings are just the introduction to the guidance I give to each and every one of my clients.  I reside in Safety Harbor Florida and do readings in the Tampa area and Pinellas County. Oh and I also serve clients worldwide!  I look forward to working with you so please either email me at info@powerpoint3.com or call at (727) 859-7353.

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