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We all need a little direction in our lives from time to time and tarot card reading is the perfect way to get a little extra insight into how things are going and how you should proceed. Knowing what types of questions you should ask tarot card readers will make your session much more valuable. Here are a few suggestions:

What Should I Be Focusing On?

In this day and age, deciding what you should be focusing on in your life can be one of the most stressful factors from day to day. If you ask tarot card readers this question, the answer will help you zero in on what really matters so that you can put your energy where it will be most useful. It allows you to cut the fat, so to speak.

What Can I Do to Make Me Feel More at Peace?

Every person on the planet wants to feel at peace, but many of us struggle with doing so. The answer to this common question to ask tarot card readers may surprise you, but deep down, you will understand its meaning and begin to implement its direction. And, of course, the answer will likely lead you to ask tarot card readers a follow-up question.

What Is Influencing Me the Most?

Very often, we allow certain aspects of our lives to influence us in one way or another. Whether what is influencing your life the most is good or bad, it’s important to discover what that thing is and either embrace it or pull back from it. When you ask tarot card readers this particular question, you’re showing a real desire to change.

What Is Holding Me Back Most?

Very often, we are our own worst enemies and will allow things going on in our lives to hold us back from what we truly want to achieve. Once your tarot reading helps you pinpoint what is holding you back most, you can concentrate on removing or changing that aspect of your life. This will allow you to make huge strides in accomplishing your goals.

What Does My Life Need More Of?

This question, coupled with the one that follows it, is all about pulling in the good and pushing out the bad. When you ask tarot card readers what your life needs more of, you’re identifying the fact that your life is lacking something. With the reader’s help, you can identify what that something is and make changes to rectify it.

What Does My Life Need Less Of?

If you ask tarot card readers the previous question, then this should be the obvious follow-up question. The answer will focus on what you can achieve by shedding a certain amount of an aspect of your life. A word of warning about this, though: you may need less of something that you enjoy.

The questions that you ask tarot card readers can be both insightful and fun, especially when you know what you should ask. To learn more about the process and other services such as energy healing or life coaching, or to set up a session, reach out to Livintuit.

4 Misconceptions About Tarot Card Readings

The art of tarot card readings is not something that you are taught at school. Most likely your greatest understanding of the ancient art comes directly from what you have seen on television and in films. The point of these mediums is to be entertaining, so it is no wonder why gross misconceptions about tarot card readings would be intertwined into a plot. If you are interested in tarot card readings, read on to find out why some of the things you think about tarot cards are not true.

The Death Card

There are many movies where a starring character will have had card readings, and for one of them, the death card is drawn. The plot goes on to unfold with character meeting some unimaginable end. This is just not true. Card readings where the death card is drawn do not end up in someone’s death. The death and rebirth process is present throughout life.

Here is a simple example, you decide that you want to lose weight. You decide that you want to lose weight because you are tired all of the time, and the doctor says that it is negatively affecting your health. You take steps to lose weight, you have more energy, and the doctor now says you will live longer. In the process of losing the weight you essentially killed your old self, you stopped the habits that were causing you to be overweight and started new ones that turned you into the new person that you are now. You killed the overweight version of yourself in exchange for a healthier version.

When the death card is drawn during tarot card readings, it often means that you have something to change in your life that will lead you to happiness. So, getting the death card actually says that you are on your way to being a better person.

Tarot Cards Are Evil

People are often scared of the things that they do not understand. Most people are not intuitive psychics giving tarot card readings. Therefore, many people equate cards with evil, simply because they do not understand the nature of tarot card readings.

Tarot Cards Will Tell You Your Exact Future

A skilled intuitive tarot card reader can associate the cards in a reading with information that they gather from you to give you insight into possible future paths that you may take. Tarot card readings are in no way able to predict your future. Sometimes a reading will not even cover specific future events but will highlight things that you need to change in your life or give you insight into other things.

Reversed Cards Are Bad Omens

Reversed cards that show up in tarot card readings are not bad. A reversed card simply adds additional meaning to the card itself. The additional meaning depends on the other cards that have been drawn as well as yourself and your tarot card reader.

If you would like to experience a tarot card reading in an environment where you are comfortable, readings can be done over the phone or Skype. Debrah Crawford of Livintuit specializes in tarot card readings.

She helps her clients to improve their lives through coaching, tarot readings, and energy healing. Contact Debrah today at (760) 528-0723 for a free consultation and get started improving your life.

Tarot Card Readings Cardiff, CA

Well folks, 3 months ago I moved to Cardiff, CA and am continuing doing tarot card readings and I couldn’t be happier!  I now live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and it’s North County San Diego!  This environment is very supportive for readers like me to continually enhance my skills to help my clients!  And being 5 minutes from the beach isn’t too shabby either!  The fresh ocean air allows me to meditate, recharge and be readily available and focused to serve my clients!  I am so passionate about helping others to achieve their awesome life through tarot card readings, life coaching and energy healing!  For those of you who are new to my services, each session consists of initial tarot card reading, then coaching on what client is working on, and a short energy healing to complete the session.  Right now I do all sessions over the phone or Skype as I have clients from all over the country.  I do sometimes get asked why I don’t do readings in person.  My answer is that through my experience with my mentors, I was rarely in their presence.  And I am a firm believer because of my experience that there is no time, space and distance between us all, so there is no need to be in person.  I give and receive energy sessions which I and the recipient feel the energy no matter how far away we are!  And when my clients return with amazing results, I am so pleased as I know that what I have done was really the Universe at work!  My approach in my work is to channel only the Universe, the source for the direct truth.  Many tarot readers and healers channel spirits or tune in with spirit guides.  I don’t knock that if it works for them.  But I am like a bulldog with God.  I like to go directly to the source and cut out the middlemen!  Thank you for visiting my blog I look forward to working with you in helping you transform your already awesome life!  Please visit my website at to schedule an appointment or call (76) 528-0723  DREAM REALIZE VISUALIZE MANIFEST LIVINTUIT!tarot card readings

Psychic Readings Tampa

First of all, I would like to start by saying that when you get a psychic reading, the reading will show your past, present and future possibilities of whatever you are focused on. And, what may look like a predictable future in the reading, can change because you are the co-creator of your destiny. Nothing is set in stone because the Universe, which is Universing through us at all times, loves to change it’s mind and surprise us! Yes! The Universe loves to surprise us! Now, based on my life experience, for example, when I have had difficulties with a relationship, I had readings done and the future looked bleak regarding the relationship coming back to harmony. However, when I made the effort to change my emotions and perspective, without trying to change the other person, what looked to be a hopeless future changed and harmony was restored in my relationship. You see, the bitter pill we all have to swallow is that no matter what happens to us, how people have treated us, it is our responsibility to work on our inner peace and not harbor negative emotions regarding these people and situations. How may you ask? Well, when I do psychic readings, my readings are not just about tuning into the past, present and future. I also help coach and support you to make the changes that will surely benefit your life in whatever area of need. I often hear so much advice on “letting go of negative emotions” But how? It’s not so easy especially when you may have suffered from abusive parents in childhood. I believe that saying to someone who has suffered abuse in any form to “let go of negative emotions” truly doesn’t speak to their heart or intellect. In my psychic readings, I give specific exercises and techniques that will help to clear these emotions permanently. I myself have suffered abuse but have through experience and studies of techniques, found ways to clear my past and live a very fulfilling life full of love and service! I love the results in my life and I am passionate about helping others achieve the same too! Visit my website at and experience a more unique and beneficial psychic reading in Tampa! Call (727) 859-7353 for an appointment!

Tarot Card Readings Tampa

tarot card readings tampaThis week I would like to talk about choices we make now that affect our future.  As I mentioned before, the feeling or belief that we are separate entities of the Universe with a sense of lack, creates suffering.  When I do Tarot readings for my clients, many are looking for a way out of suffering or difficulties.  As always, I tune in with the Universal consciousness to intuitively see what is happening in the present, and what the future possibilities are.  I am not a medium and I don’t indulge in communicating with spirits.  I go to the source of all spirits, the Universe.  I help my clients with tools and techniques to either build on what is working in their lives and help change the things that are not.  It’s practical and fun!  Many times I see predictable futures simply because there are patterns that have been set in motion.  Unless they are broken, or changed, the same results will repeat over and over again.  I have seen many clients make major changes in their lives from the Tarot card readings!  Changes such as attracting a better relationship in their lives.  Or manifesting one when there were seemingly no prospects.  I really emphasize getting rid of the sense of “lack” which can rule our lives such as, not being happy unless we have a relationship, more money, better house, etc.  There are techniques I have simply passed on that have worked in my life and my client’s as well.  I have studied with Martin Feisst of RAJA Yoga in California and continue studying with Francis Lucille of Advaita.  When we dissolve these feelings of lack, we begin to harmonize our life and live a full and happy life!  I look forward to working with you!  Call (727) 859-7353 for an appointment!

Tarot Card Readings Tampa

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.54.33 PMToday I want to discuss psychological wounds and age.  Most of us feel invincible when we are young.  At a certain point, we start to notice wrinkles and our body doesn’t seem to be able to do the same things it used to do.  We have experienced life with it’s ups and downs, heartbreaks and successes.  What I have learned from doing tarot card readings and energy work, is that we tend to carry psychological wounds that are stored in our bodies that cause us to have physical and mental diseases.  The bad news is that it is inevitable that we grow old.  The good news is that our bodies and minds are temporary.  We can’t take them with us when we pass on so “getting old” is also temporary!. However, we can undo stuck energies in our bodies that we have stored that have caused us problems and sometimes intense suffering.  Our minds try to tell us we are over certain things that have happened in our life, but our bodies tell us something else.  When I do a reading for a client, I look at what has happened, what is going on now, and what the possible future may be.  I offer techniques of energy healing that help my client undo the pattern or patterns that are causing the problem in the body mind.  I practice these techniques on myself and I have had great success in overcoming patterns that didn’t serve me.  And I have had great success with my clients as well.  Like I mentioned in the last blog, the main cause of these blocks we carry around is our sense of “lack” and feeling like a separate entity in the universe.  This may come as brand new information to you but if you can implement letting go of “lack” and sense of separate self, the body mind realigns itself and healing takes place.  All of my spiritual studies over the years have brought me to this conclusion and I have seen miraculous changes in myself and my clients.  And the other good news is that no matter what age you are, if you heal the root cause of these wounds, you will automatically feel younger!  To make and appointment, please call (727) 460-5301  LIVINTUIT!

Tarot Card Readings Pinellas County

I want to discuss happiness in this blog!  I have mentioned before that our true self doesn’t need to be “healed”.  We are already perfect in our connection with the Universe.  We are connected to everyone and everything that is perceived and we are not “separate” though the world seems to make us believe that we are.  We have a body and mind, and we are only the manager.  Our soul or spirit is the silent witness that is non-duality and is impersonal watching the movies of our lives.  Does this make sense?  That silent witness is peace, love, joy, beauty and true happiness.  We are born with a clean slate and over time, through good and bad experiences, we develop beliefs that are not always true.  For example, if you have had a dysfunctional family and didn’t receive a lot of love and affection, you may have developed a belief that you are not loved or lovable.  That is a very powerful belief that can be carried through your adult life and prevent you from experiencing true happiness.  I know because I have had this type of childhood.  Over the many years of my spiritual searching and transformation, I finally realized that though this was my karma I came into in this life, I didn’t have to buy into the belief that I am unlovable.  Yes, this seems easier said than done but there are ways out of living a life of suffering.  That is why I started doing Tarot Card Readings and implementing not only the cards, but also solid techniques that I coach to my clients that have worked in my life and theirs.  The key to getting out of any pattern that creates unhappiness is to get rid of the belief that we are “separate”.  Any belief whether it be positive or negative, can be traced back to feeling separate.  Once you can eliminate this belief, true freedom and happiness is replaced!  My Tarot Card Readings are just the introduction to the guidance I give to each and every one of my clients.  I reside in Safety Harbor Florida and do readings in the Tampa area and Pinellas County. Oh and I also serve clients worldwide!  I look forward to working with you so please either email me at or call at (727) 859-7353.

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