How Does A Tarot Card Reading Actually Work?

Tarot cards might seem like a “new age” development, but the reality is that they’ve been in existence for nearly six centuries. During this time, tarot card reading has proven itself to be a reliable guidance tool for those seeking to get a glimpse into their own lives, shed past failures, and other reasons meant to strengthen their resolve and make improvements.

If you’ve been thinking about getting your first tarot card reading and are skeptical of their validity or nervous about how the process works, that’s okay. It is perfectly understandable that you may be skittish at first, so we thought it would be a good idea to peel back the curtain a little bit and provide you with some insight into how a tarot card reading actually works.

Traditional Tarot Deck

A tarot deck is split into two different sets of cards. The first set, called Major Arcana, consists of 22 cards that display archetypes of the human journey. The second set, called Minor Arcana, has 56 cards divided into four suits: swords (intellectual), cups (emotions), wands (energy), and pentacles (physical). The Major Arcana cards represent the important issues in a person’s life, whereas the Minor Arcana cards focus on everyday issues.

During a Tarot Card Reading

How a tarot card reading progresses will depend on what type of reading you select. You can either choose a question reading where you ask the reader questions and she lays out the cards to help you discover the answer – or, more precisely, an interpretation of what you’re asking. The second choice is to have an open reading, where the tarot reader uses the cards to address larger aspects of your life with the intention of helping you gain enlightenment and direction.

Tarot Cards Do Not Tell Your Fortune

A common misconception about taking part in a tarot card reading is that the cards are going to see into your future. This is not the case whatsoever. Tarot cards do not have the ability to act as a fortune teller, and your tarot reader does not have the inclination to act as one, either. Rather, a tarot card reading is meant to connect you to the universe around you and help you gain insight into your higher self.

Professional Interpretation Is the Key

Learning to conduct a tarot card reading accurately takes a lot of practice and patience. The reader learns how to interpret each card that is drawn so that its meaning is both precise and instructive to the person enlisting their expertise. While there may be more than one interpretation for a given pattern, the tarot session’s intent is to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of your higher self.

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