4 Misconceptions About Tarot Card Readings

The art of tarot card readings is not something that you are taught at school. Most likely your greatest understanding of the ancient art comes directly from what you have seen on television and in films. The point of these mediums is to be entertaining, so it is no wonder why gross misconceptions about tarot card readings would be intertwined into a plot. If you are interested in tarot card readings, read on to find out why some of the things you think about tarot cards are not true.

The Death Card

There are many movies where a starring character will have had card readings, and for one of them, the death card is drawn. The plot goes on to unfold with character meeting some unimaginable end. This is just not true. Card readings where the death card is drawn do not end up in someone’s death. The death and rebirth process is present throughout life.

Here is a simple example, you decide that you want to lose weight. You decide that you want to lose weight because you are tired all of the time, and the doctor says that it is negatively affecting your health. You take steps to lose weight, you have more energy, and the doctor now says you will live longer. In the process of losing the weight you essentially killed your old self, you stopped the habits that were causing you to be overweight and started new ones that turned you into the new person that you are now. You killed the overweight version of yourself in exchange for a healthier version.

When the death card is drawn during tarot card readings, it often means that you have something to change in your life that will lead you to happiness. So, getting the death card actually says that you are on your way to being a better person.

Tarot Cards Are Evil

People are often scared of the things that they do not understand. Most people are not intuitive psychics giving tarot card readings. Therefore, many people equate cards with evil, simply because they do not understand the nature of tarot card readings.

Tarot Cards Will Tell You Your Exact Future

A skilled intuitive tarot card reader can associate the cards in a reading with information that they gather from you to give you insight into possible future paths that you may take. Tarot card readings are in no way able to predict your future. Sometimes a reading will not even cover specific future events but will highlight things that you need to change in your life or give you insight into other things.

Reversed Cards Are Bad Omens

Reversed cards that show up in tarot card readings are not bad. A reversed card simply adds additional meaning to the card itself. The additional meaning depends on the other cards that have been drawn as well as yourself and your tarot card reader.

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