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Well folks, 3 months ago I moved to Cardiff, CA and am continuing doing tarot card readings and I couldn’t be happier!  I now live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and it’s North County San Diego!  This environment is very supportive for readers like me to continually enhance my skills to help my clients!  And being 5 minutes from the beach isn’t too shabby either!  The fresh ocean air allows me to meditate, recharge and be readily available and focused to serve my clients!  I am so passionate about helping others to achieve their awesome life through tarot card readings, life coaching and energy healing!  For those of you who are new to my services, each session consists of initial tarot card reading, then coaching on what client is working on, and a short energy healing to complete the session.  Right now I do all sessions over the phone or Skype as I have clients from all over the country.  I do sometimes get asked why I don’t do readings in person.  My answer is that through my experience with my mentors, I was rarely in their presence.  And I am a firm believer because of my experience that there is no time, space and distance between us all, so there is no need to be in person.  I give and receive energy sessions which I and the recipient feel the energy no matter how far away we are!  And when my clients return with amazing results, I am so pleased as I know that what I have done was really the Universe at work!  My approach in my work is to channel only the Universe, the source for the direct truth.  Many tarot readers and healers channel spirits or tune in with spirit guides.  I don’t knock that if it works for them.  But I am like a bulldog with God.  I like to go directly to the source and cut out the middlemen!  Thank you for visiting my blog I look forward to working with you in helping you transform your already awesome life!  Please visit my website at www.livintuit.com to schedule an appointment or call (76) 528-0723  DREAM REALIZE VISUALIZE MANIFEST LIVINTUIT!tarot card readings

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