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First of all, I would like to start by saying that when you get a psychic reading, the reading will show your past, present and future possibilities of whatever you are focused on. And, what may look like a predictable future in the reading, can change because you are the co-creator of your destiny. Nothing is set in stone because the Universe, which is Universing through us at all times, loves to change it’s mind and surprise us! Yes! The Universe loves to surprise us! Now, based on my life experience, for example, when I have had difficulties with a relationship, I had readings done and the future looked bleak regarding the relationship coming back to harmony. However, when I made the effort to change my emotions and perspective, without trying to change the other person, what looked to be a hopeless future changed and harmony was restored in my relationship. You see, the bitter pill we all have to swallow is that no matter what happens to us, how people have treated us, it is our responsibility to work on our inner peace and not harbor negative emotions regarding these people and situations. How may you ask? Well, when I do psychic readings, my readings are not just about tuning into the past, present and future. I also help coach and support you to make the changes that will surely benefit your life in whatever area of need. I often hear so much advice on “letting go of negative emotions” But how? It’s not so easy especially when you may have suffered from abusive parents in childhood. I believe that saying to someone who has suffered abuse in any form to “let go of negative emotions” truly doesn’t speak to their heart or intellect. In my psychic readings, I give specific exercises and techniques that will help to clear these emotions permanently. I myself have suffered abuse but have through experience and studies of techniques, found ways to clear my past and live a very fulfilling life full of love and service! I love the results in my life and I am passionate about helping others achieve the same too! Visit my website at and experience a more unique and beneficial psychic reading in Tampa! Call (727) 859-7353 for an appointment!

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